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Drivers Club members will be able to book the track starting the week of April 17th due to construction.

The Suika Circuit
Drivers Club.

Like having your  
own personal track.

The drivers club is for those enthusiasts out there that need a bit more than a track day a month.​ It's for the driver who wants to hone their skills to a razors edge, or just to have a casual solo track day.

The Drivers Club days are not meant to be your own personal event. There are rules that you must agree to and follow before becoming a member. If these rules are broken or abused, your membership will be revoked with no refund. 

Image by Abed Ismail

Drivers Club Rules.

  1. You must be a member to book track days
  2. No wheel to wheel racing, adequate spacing needed
  3. Another person must be present and watching
  4. That person must have a vehicle available
  5. No Drifting except for skid pad
  6. Driver and any passengers must have a helmet
  7. Fire extinguisher and cell phone are mandatory
  8. No lessons, no events, no meets during bookings
  9. You must sign the yearly waiver and show your card at the gate (yearly members only)