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Drifting, New Mexico style


Drifting in New Mexico has never been better.

This seasons events proudly presented by:

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Officer Dan (1/3 owner of Suika Circuit) Has been running events here consistently since 2009. This has made them one of the longest running and most attended series at the Circuit. We welcome drivers of all skill levels from ultra beginner to pro. We also have practice, competition and bash events such as the No Coast Drift Party.

There is a large skid pad available during all events to hone in your skills or shake down a fresh build. We also run an Auto X concurrent with drifting on the south side of the course.  For more info and full schedule visit Southwest Drift Social on Facebook. 

Official 2023 New Mexico Drift


3/4/23 12 - 6 pm Open drift

4/1/23 12- 6 pm Round 1

4/29/23 5pm-11pm Round 2

5/27/23 5pm - 11pm Round 3

7/8/23 5pm - 11pm Round 4

8/5/23 5pm - 11pm NCDP Practice

9 1/2/3 No Coast Drift Party 13

10/28/23 Halloween drift

  • Battery properly secured / positive terminal covered

  • All lug nuts and lug studs present

  • Fire extinguisher in car properly mounted

  • OEM Belts or harnesses if properly installed

  • Everything out of car before going on track

  • Wheel bearings in good shape

  • No loose or exposed wires

  • No major leaks

  • SA 2020 or better helmet recommended

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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